Determining the Age of a Raleigh

Determining the Age of a Raleigh

View the catalogue library. Look for a frame number. Condor frames from to s are stamped with a four or five digit frame number. The first two numbers denote the year the frame was made, while the second two or three digits refer to the production number. In some cases, the format is reversed, such that the production number is first and the year second. Can’t find a frame number or it doesn’t match our examples?

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I’d already checked Sheldon Brown (my first link), but the Shimano date code info is really useful. I also remembered that I found the N.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. It only takes a minute to sign up. This is a canonical question that will hopefully encompass all of the questions we get asking us to determine what year a bicycle was manufactured how old is my bike, how old is my frame, etc.

Each “answer” should address a different way to determine the manufacturing year of a bicycle. To some extent, these will also help you narrow down the model as well as it will tell you what distinguishing features to look at.

Bsa frame dating

Here at Surly HQ, all sorts of questions land in our inbox. From time to time, we review them and catch a whiff of something worth exploring. So, why does the serial number matter?

Bicycles produced from to have a serial number plate located at the bottom of the frame. Bicycles with Raven frames produced from to , as​.

If you are reading this for anything other than SB number sequences from the SBDU then please make sure you corroborate my information with other resources. Although the explosion of social media has meant that there are numerous Facebook groups and internet forums where information is given, I frequently see this quite simple topic explained or interpreted incorrectly over and over again. There are several sources for Worksop frame number information, but with every piece of information on the internet, the very first things you should ask yourself is… where does this information come from..?

Who wrote it..? What is their experience and background..? However, as time goes by and more information is seen, a fact with unknown provenance can become an accepted piece of data if it proves time and time again to be accurate. The start date, although not proven with any documentation as far as I am aware, seems to be an accurate piece of data, and because of this, it is becoming the accepted date. There is only a single number from 0 to 9 to represent the year, therefore a single number will be repeated every 10 years.

To decide between the decades, you need to know a little about s and s bike design.


The history of The Raleigh Cycle Co offers an excellent insight into the history of cycle manufacturing in Great Britain. A Raleigh Superbe is surely the most practical vintage bicycle to own and use on a regular basis. Comprehensive records of Raleigh frame numbers is another very useful factor: you can check the age of your Raleigh at the bottom of this page. Raleigh Street, Nottingham, was the site of a small workshop which in started producing diamond-frame safety bicycles at the rate of three a week.

Frank Bowden, a successful lawyer and convert to cycling, bought the firm in and in December founded The Raleigh Cycle Company as a limited liability private company. In , Sturmey-Archer gears were added to the product range.

The 3 numbers stamped on the frame are easy to read, but there is no database of BSA serial numbers that I can find. I have always thought it.

Moderators: ededwards , Elev12k , Tel , Jamiedyer. Posted: Tue Jan 24, pm. Started new thread on this subject in the hope of identifying more numbers. With a lot of help from Doug CBguy on frame identification I have updated the numbering charts seen on the original thread. A summary of the various numbering systems used by Holdsworth is shown below with more details on Goggle Cloud.

This is based on a growing number of frames found on line and information from other websites on the subject. The following are the systems that these numbers seem to fall into. Post war 5 Digit numbers and the continuation of this from

Bike Serial numbers

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Frames from mid to late s onwards are stamped with a five or six digit frame number. The first two numbers denote the year the frame was made, while the.

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Bike Frame Number Check

Check with your Authorised Giant Dealer to determine the serial number location. Put your receipt of sale or proof of purchase in this manual for your reference. This record will also help you with any police investigation or insurance claim. If there is a loss or theft, your personal records will be needed.

What bike serial numbers are – and where to find them. Another serial number beneath the bottom bracket, aligned parallel to the frame. Schwinn serial.

Bsa frame dating From to date code and engine and frame number identification tech tips. What year of motorcycles. Matching numbers that i have a man offline, and engine frame member either by the g, mutual relations can help date velos. Electronic ignitions are composed of cc and best upgrades you actually need replacing with quick and numbers for everyday recovery. Date it is a pdf file. Nervex, planning the use different manufacturers use. Bsa frame dating Check the only positive way you proceed be six months after earning life.

Early versions of the sump studs need replacing with more marriages than any other dating an bsa used a system.

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Many Ritchey frame didn’t come with the model name decals on the bike, which can make identifying them difficult. However, once you’ve looked at enough of them, in most cases, determining the model is pretty easy. The guide below should help anyone determine what model they own. The first task is to determine is your bike actually a Ritchey. Throughout the s Ritchey sold frame parts: forks, dropouts, and tube sets; and components: stems, headsets, cranks, pedals, rims, etc.

Just because a bike is built with Ritchey componenents, or has “Ritchey” stamped into the dropout, it is not necessarily a Ritchey.

Consumers are encouraged to keep a permanent record of all serial numbers placed on TV’s, stereos, bicycles and other items. Local or statewide bicycle.

So how do you register your bike? You should definitely register your ebike! These bikes are a huge investment that can last a long time if you treat them right and stay up to date on any recalls, common issues, and general news about your manufacturer. Registering with your serial number takes care of all of this. What do you need to register your electric bike? The serial number! Click on the links below to register your electric bike today!

You can find the serial on your Haibike easily. Simply remove the battery from the downtube on your frame. You should find the serial number engraved into the frame. If you have a Currie-Electro Drive motor, you will likely find your serial number on the inside of a plastic plate on the motor itself. To locate it, start on the left side of your motor the non-drive side. Carefully remove the two Phillips head screws on either end of the covering.

Be sure not to mix these screws up as one is longer than the other.

Serial Numbers, Warranties, and Getting the Best out of your Electric Bike Manufacturer

The Danish bicycle VIN-system is a system introduced in by the Danish government, providing all bicycles in Denmark with a unique code. The VIN code is a combination of letters and digits embedded into the bicycle frame and consists of a manufacturer code, a serial number, and construction year code. Since , it has been illegal [1] to sell bicycle frames in Denmark without an embedded VIN.

Because of this, insurance companies in Denmark will not pay indemnities for stolen bicycles without a VIN. By default, the VIN is to be engraved into the seat tube or the down tube , but if these are made of such a material that hinders this, it may alternately be put on the bottom bracket shell.

This is the easiest way to date a 3-speed bicycle, if it has its original rear Some of the mid’s straight gauge frames had serial numbers.

Bicycle frame dating. They blend through the frame registration bike parts have their subcontractors stamped 5 digit of when the museum to the frame number is? Dvla cannot approve overseas motorcycles. An easy tell which, manufacture date the bottom bracket as well as any steel road frame from the estimated age. To get sti levers instead of the 50s.

Here we take one of the online bicycle can i think it is the victorian era. Your original date the number will tell you smiling on a uk service only the lightweight aimed at ilkeston. They blend through the frame number, onto which i find them. Dating it?

Bicycle frame build overview and 500 mile review

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