WIG – Pentax K1000

WIG – Pentax K1000

The body seems to have some plastic on it. The serial number is on the bottom and it says made in Hong Kong so I’m guessing post ? You’ve gotten some good advice already but let me give some more detail that is a bit more concrete. K’s were made between and and were made in two general types that can easily be identified and this will give you a date range of the manufacture. If your K says Asahi above the name Pentax and has a little triangular logo above that, it is a metal K, made in Japan or Hong Kong between and If your K only says Pentax on the pentaprism but not Asahi, it is a plastic body made in China between and

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Pentax camera review database with reviews of Pentax DSLRs and film SLRs as well as 【RARE NEAR MINT】PENTAX A3 DATE S W/PENTAX-A mm f/​ from Japan Don’t get a Pentax K – get a Pentax KM instead.

Pentax produced the K for 21 years — longer than any other model single-lens reflex camera in history. Aging a K presents a challenge, but telltale manufacturing marks help identify the age. With a year production run, some changes occurred. Chinese-made Ks, which came from the Chinon factory, also had plastic bases. The Chinese-made cameras also state Made in China on the base plates. My K has some manufacture hints that help determine it’s age.

The battery cap is a screw-in, not a bayonette. The serial number is on the top and near it a raised bump. There is no stamped country of manufacture, indicating it had been on a sticker when the camera was new.

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Pentax k serial number dating. There, remington started numbering nylon rifles in firearms, serial number chart for the auto-5 was manufactured before.

Discussion in ‘ Pentax ‘ started by stefantveye , Oct 23, The age of my K, using serial number? I’ve become curious to know how old my Pentax K is. I’ve been searching and searching the internet to see if there is some kind of serial number guide to correspond to the year in which it was manufactured. No luck! I don’t suppose anyone knows how to tell the age of a K using the serial number?

Any help is much apprecitated.

The age of my K1000, using serial number?

From page 69 throughout the year for almost every kind of products manufactured. Thank you for the serial numbers pre-date the first listed on pentax auto and units of. All metal, i came across this is the serial number serves to the pentax q mount camera produced by a picture. Welcome to where is the printer’s passkey is the 6×7 was the pentax slr camera photo.

The Pentax MZ-5 (ZX-5 in US), dating from , was an autofocus 35mm film SLR. It utilised KAF2-mount autofocus or earlier K-mount manual.

I have taken this camera everywhere and it has never let me down. Aside from being a beautiful camera that fits perfectly in the hand, its light, bouncy shutter and simple controls make it a joy to use. Eventually the improvements in design led to the K and a change in lens mounts. I mainly shoot portraits when I travel, and although a fully manual camera might seem like it would lose out to an autofocus workhorse like the Nikon F, the Spotmatic holds its own.

I find that with a steady hand and lots of practice, I can get consistently sharp photos without all the bells and whistles. Taking a shot is simple. This switch also stops the lens down to the taking aperture so you can check your depth of field. After you take the shot, the meter automatically switches off, helping your batteries live longer.

Aside from the light meter the camera is completely mechanical. If your subject is dark or you need more detail in the shadows, just meter with the needle a little below the center mark. If you are shooting against a bright white wall or your subject is backlit, let the needle go a little higher.

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Pentax MX Camera. Shutter operates at all speeds and auto button functions. Serial number

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The K’s inexpensive simplicity was a great virtue and earned it an unrivaled popularity as a basic but sturdy workhorse. The Pentax K eventually sold over three million units. All have the same basic body design, but with differing feature levels, electronics, and controls. The K was the KM with the self-timer, depth of field pre-view and some other features removed to save cost.

It is The body was finished in black leather with chrome trim only, although early production Pentax K SE bodies had brown leather with chrome trim. Note that SLRs usually sold for 30 to 40 percent below list price. The K is an almost-all metal, mechanically springs, gears, levers controlled, manual-focus SLR with manual-exposure control. The K comes with its own simple, black camera strap out of the box. There is a basic hot shoe for an electronic flash unit, and also a PC flash lead socket , of X type synchronisation.

There are no flash dedication features.

Pentax k1000 serial number dating

This camera along with my Pentax MG has great sentimental value for me. My father is also an anthropologist and this was his field camera. I note with interest that the SPII was according to some sites released in , the year after I was born. My father was doing fieldwork in Indonesia and we have many black and white family photos from that time.

Did he buy it to document me as well as his field informants? Using the text or images on this website without permission on an ebay auction or any other site is a violation of federal law.

Bond – Wearable Networking and Dating App. Multiple Owners Pentax K · Daniela Martínez The best way to stay up to date with the creative world.

Viewers on my Twitch channel often ask me what camera repair tools I use to repair cameras or what streaming products I use to stream on Twitch, so I made a source list for each with links to the products. I’ve included information on repair tools and streaming gear giving shoppers an added bonus about the products listed. At ACR I specialize in mail order camera restoration of classic manual focus 35mm film cameras dating from to I can service many of the classic manual focus slrs that no longer have factory parts available, and many cameras that other repair shops say are unrepairable.

I can’t make them look new or operate new, but I can restore them to good working order if the camera is not worn out from use. It’s not how the camera looks externally that’s important.

Eyecup for Pentax K1000 (Pentax Brand)

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and they accept the legions of Pentax lenses, including fully manual lenses dating back further than the K The unwashed, pixel-obsessed masses will no.

If you happen across an old Nikkormat in a junk shop etc, you might wonder, what the hell is this?! What is going on? Nikkormats and Nikomats as they were called in Japan , were Photo cameras before the K was created. Even today, Nikkormats usually sell for about half the cost of a K And we all know that lenses are what take the photo.

Nikkormats rock the bayonet lens mount, just like a pro body. You get a meter display on top of the camera AND inside the viewfinder! Metering was not an afterthought with the Nikkormat, it is a as much a part of the design as the film advance. This and the availability of cheap but super high resolving Nikkor Micro lenses make a case for the Nikkormat as a well-equipped, budget macro image machine. When you hold a Nikkormat, it feels like the whole camera was carved from a single solid block of steel.

Design is austere and utilitarian without looking cheap.

Pentax K1000 Manufacturing History (Question)

Discussion in ‘Pentax’ started by cdecarlo, Mar 29, Photography Forums. Hello, I was recently given a Pentax K

Pentax K camera I had only been familiar with digital photography, until he bought me my first film camera when we first began dating. That love of film.

Jane Doe Member. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Pentax has updated its binocular range with colourful UD additions as well as the innovative VD m A budget Toggle navigation. Remember me. Search Forums: Go! Add Comment. Back to Forum. Jane Doe Member 4 posts. I have a Pentax K, can anyone give me some idea as to it’s age?

35mm Pentax K1000 Basics

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